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Berry Best Services, Ltd. was born on January 1, 1977.

In the intervening years, Berry Best has transformed its operations from a "news-route" delivery service, to a computerized data service, all the time retaining that personal touch that's gone missing in today's society. Yes, we answer our telephones, we take our work seriously and prove it by producing quality and timely services at reasonable rates.

Our first venture into data services was in the early 1980s when the FCC established a Low Power Television program, creating the possibility of thousands of new TV stations in the US. We methodically reviewed and summarized each LPTV application that was filed at the FCC; then the principals of Berry Best spent days and nights entering this data into a Radio Shack TRS-80 computer. An accurate database of all LPTV applications was created...by a staff of two...before the FCC had a LPTV database of its own!

In 1988 we created a word-searchable database of every FCC daily release. This database, our FCC Library, continues to grow daily and remains the only complete database of all FCC daily releases since June 1, 1988, and every FCC Daily Digest since January 1, 1982.

Other data services offered by Berry Best include:

    * FCC Releases Electronic Distribution Service
    * Radio & TV Sales Database
    * FCC Docketed Filings Service
    * FCC Non-Docketed Filings Service
    * FCC Ex Parte Filings Service
    * DocketWatch
    * ZoneWatch
    * Monitor
    * Application Status Watch
    * New Application Watch
    * Call Sign Change Alert

We've grown considerably in the past 30+ years, in types and quality of services offered, but not in size, for our services are most important to us. We invite you to call us (202-293-4964), ask a real person your important question and get a sincerely reliable reply. We have always been here for you and that will never change.